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now you know how I feel :))))))))) HA


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I’m transcribing an interview I did with the director of parking and transportation at bsu for the article I’m writing and I have such a headache from listening to myself talk, like I’m ten minutes in to a thirty minute interview and I can’t take it 

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Vote against prohibition




what did one cell say to his sister cell that stepped on his toe


i want to die 

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so much time saved ifthe spilling of all our sounds were just poetry
Q: I think you are super attractive. Let's go on a date.

I don’t have time to date anons 😔

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Q: This isn't a question. I just think you're incredibly cool, hilarious, and cute.

Are you and I friends? Because we should be

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Q: yur hawt... wanna ride fixies off cliffs 2gether

Fixies are for squares and rectangles, get a mountain bike nerd

(and then yes🌋🚵)

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Or like if you’ve ever wanted to tell me you think I’m annoying or an asshole or something, now is the time, just give me something

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Pretend you’re interested in my life and send me messages so I can respond to them sarcastically and avoid actually answering

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Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do this
It’s Monday and I don’t want this, I want to nap 😴
Hyde Park street fair