*According to scientists at the World Bank, animal agriculture produces 51% of all man-made greenhouses gases, which is more than all forms of transportation combined and tripled.*Animal agriculture uses 1/3 of all raw materials and 1/3 of all fossil fuels worldwide.*Animal agriculture is the world’s leading driver of deforestation, the number one cause of water scarcity, and is directly linked 70% of all human illnesses.*Animal agriculture uses 70% of all agricultural land on the planet, but produces only 6-11% of the world’s food.For sources and more information, please visit

DANG. That’ll get the message across. The movement is gaining momentum!

low light eyes open wide

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Q: Wait hold up what else came in today?? What does the winky face mean? Seems suspect

My Internet bill came in today. Also my electricity and phone bill. I put a winky face because bills turn me on. I masturbate to the thought of putting all my money towards basic necessities.

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Today I gave a presentation in my media aesthetics and culture class, and afterwards a guy in the class asked me out on a date so I think that means I did a good job??

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I have the cutest monster under my bed

omg it’s face at the end.
Here’s what I don’t understand:


If someone punches a dog in the face, you call that animal cruelty, and you’re against that.

If someone shoots a cow in the head, you call that “the circle of life”, and you’re all over that shit.

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Aspen Along Mountain Stream, Lake Sabrina
Pentax 6x7 / Kodak Portra 160

Cold because I’m not using my space heater because the air in my apartment is so dry it is making me nauseous

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